Photo Quiz

A few years ago, Kenn Kaufman pointed out that the “photo quiz” was not an innovation of Birding or British Birds or Continental Birdlife.

No, the first birding photo quiz appeared in Bird-Lore in December 1900, with the intention, as Frank Chapman put it,

of arousing the student’s curiosity [and] impressing the bird’s characters on [her or ] his mind far more strongly than if its name were given with its picture.

In honor of the sesquicentennial of Chapman’s birth, coming up this summer, we’ll be “re-running” the Bird-Lore quizzes on and off over the next months.

Here’s one that seems especially timely:

Chapman photo quiz I

What is it? Please respond in the comments, and be sure that you include an account of how you identified the bird, not just its name.

And if you already played in 1900, please give others a chance before jumping in.